Our Story

How It All Began: A Journey of Origins

In the heart of Australia, a group of Royal College alumni gathered together with a concept that would soon turn into a remarkable journey. Inspired by their memories of the Royal-Thomian big match, an event deeply ingrained in their memoirs, they hatched an extraordinary plan to reunite their batchmates for a grand experience. The idea was simple yet ingenious: a special flight package that would transport their fellow 2004 Royalists from Melbourne to Colombo, right to the doorstep of their batch tent at the Royal-Thomian big match in 2024. 


As news of the initiative spread among friends, an unexpected wave of interest surged not only from their own batch but also from various other batches, including the Thomians. This unforeseen enthusiasm prompted the founders to consider expanding their vision. With resounding support from the Royal College Union and the Big Match committee, the project underwent a remarkable transformation.


The group's efforts were no longer confined to their own batch; instead, they were fueled by a mission to unite a diverse spectrum of Royalists and Thomians under a common purpose.


The goal evolved from a personal reunion to a grand-scale endeavor celebrating the shared legacy of these two renowned schools. The project's success was a testament to the power of shared experiences, collective enthusiasm, and the ability of a small idea to resonate with an entire community.